Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rainbow cake

I have always wanted to give rainbow cake a try but I just don't know why I didn't. When Amirul requested me to bake a cake last week, I said okay and that I will make a chocolate cake for him. However, he said that he wanted a rainbow cake instead. So, I gave in and made a rainbow cake last Sunday.

I used a white cake recipe for the cake, divided the batter into 6 equal quantity and add a drop or two of coloring gel to each. I then baked them, 2 at a time.

Love the colors, beautiful :)

I then made italian buttercream to go with the white cake... and frosted the cake with simple decorations.

Off white cake, with simple decorations
It might look like a normal off white cake, but wait till I show you the inside..

The kids were excited when I cut the cake and handed it to them..

Pretty isn't it
I love the cake but I think that I could do better.. Yellow cake tasted better than white cake in my opinion, as white cake are supposed to be frosted with something more delicate or when we want the frosting flavor to be predominant.

Maybe to try white cake with cream cheese frosting or a yellow cake with italian buttercream for future rainbow cake.


  1. Hi how can i order the rainbow cake?

  2. can you provide me the diameter & price....btw im reena, you have fb account or any sort?

  3. Hi, sorry to inform that I don't take any cake order for the time being. Appreciate your interest though.