Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nuha's chocolate birthday cake

Can't believe how fast time flies, and Nuha is now 1.

I made my signature chocolate cake for Nuha's birthday party, upon request from Amirul and Faiz. Filling made from whipped cream and crushed oreos, and topped with chocolate ganache.  

Used hundreds and thousands to decorate the cake.

Here are some pictures from the birthday party:

Nuha suka sangat everytime orang nyanyi birthday song.. sure tersenyum lebar...Love you so much dear :)

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Nuha's 1st birthday, pre-celebration

Made strawberry bakewell cake for the pre-celebration of Nuha's 1st birthday. Recipe as per my previous post here, but I substituted the raspberries with strawberries this time around.

Love this cake, still one of the easiest to make. I prefer raspberries to strawberries though, as it hold its shape better.

Amirul and Faiz didn't like the almonds, and requested for a chocolate cake instead. Will be posting the chocolate cake that I made for Nuha's birthday party soon..