Monday, 17 September 2012

Newborn handmade gifts

I love making long pants for my children as they love wearing them. I will normally make long pants from either cotton or stretchy fabric. I especially love making pants from stretchy fabric as they are very comfortable to wear. When I was still working, I will spent my lunch hours wondering from one fabric shop to another looking for a good bargain and will usually end up with a meter or two of fabrics. 

Whilst wondering around the fabric shops, I discovered stretchy denim. I bought a meter and started making long pants for my kids. They all loved it, and I can tell that the pants are very comfortable to wear. I then went back and bought a few more meters of the same kind. I still have quite a lot of them in my cabinet, even after making a number of pants for my kids.

My kids have always chooses the pants that I've made over jeans when we go out. I bet they loves them too. 

Coming back to my post title, last Friday, I went to visit my former babysitter's newborn grandchild with my kids. As a gift, I made her a long pants out of a stretchy denim fabric. I've made a few of the same pants to be given to some friends as a gift for their newborn and from the feedback that I've received, they all loves it because of the stretchy material that I used. 

I also made her a flower baby headband, using felt flower and stretchy laces. Hope that they'll like the gifts.

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