Thursday, 27 September 2012

1st attempt at making a doll cake

We celebrated our youngest child's birthday last weekend, and I made her a doll cake for her birthday party. It was my first attempt actually. I don't have any cake mold for a doll cake, so what I did was that I baked 2 layers of 6 inch chocolate cake and another 2 layer of 8 inch chocolate cake. I then put them together, with cookies and cream filling in between them.

Then, using a knife, I trimmed the cake to make it to look like a dress. I didn't freeze the cake slices prior to trimming it, hence the messy cake with lots of crumbs. I then crumb coated the cake with chocolate ganache frosting, and store it in the fridge for a while before frosting the cake again with another layer of chocolate ganache frosting.  

In then inserted the doll, and did some finishing touches with the chocolate ganache frosting and also buttercream.

I'm glad Nuha loved her doll cake. Happy birthday Nuha!!


  1. wahh... nice looking doll cake. happy belated bday nuha!