Saturday, 4 August 2012

Apam polka-dot

A friend of mine asked if I can make something for her to sell at an event that she participated in and I made her apam polkadot. We spent our Saturday making them, we then packed 20 pieces in each container to sell at RM8.00 per container.

The event doesn't went well, not enough publicity I suppose as those staying near the place don't even know about the existence of the event.  Although my friend did not manage to sell a lot, but that is still okay for me as I get to practice making the apam.

For those interested to order, below is the pricing:

Apam polkadot (halal & homemade) - for polka-dots design:
20 pieces - RM8.00
40 pieces - RM15.00
50 pieces - RM18.00
100 pieces - RM32.00

For any other design, e.g. - Angry Birds apam:

50 pieces - RM21.00
100 pieces - RM38.00

Filling to choose from:
Blueberry filling
Strawberry filling
Kaya filling
Chocolate chips filling

As orders are freshly made, 2 days advance notice is required.

Pick up point will be in front of Giant S Park Desa Petaling. I can also deliver within Desa Petaling area. Do email for order or for any inquiry.

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