Saturday, 28 July 2012

Of being a stay at home mom

3 months ago, I decided to tender my resignation to become a stay at home mom. It took me a couple of months of serious thinking before I was finally able to decide. I have taken a lot of things into consideration.. and decided that this is the best for us for the time being. With this decision, I'll have more time to be with my family, to cook them nutritious lunches and dinners, to fetch my 2 school-going children from school every day without having to worry about them coming back on their own, to teach the children things which I wanted to teach but could not because of the time constraint, etc.

I know that it's a bold decision to make. It took a lot of courage to decide. A lot of colleagues were shocked when I told them that I wanted to quit my job as a Human Resource Manager, not because of better offer but because I wanted to become a stay at home mom.

So here I am, after serving the 3 months' notice... My very first day as a stay at home mom and I'm enjoying every single seconds of it :)

I will start baking, sewing and crafting more during my free time. So, watch out for this space as I will start advertising on things I've made / will be selling. I hope to be able to get positive feedback and supports from all of you readers.

But first thing first,  I'm gonna work towards changing my youngest child's sleep pattern.   I hope to be able to get her to sleep during the night as she has been sleeping during the day and not at night for the past 3 weeks and I have had a lot of sleepless nights this recent few weeks. Wish me luck. 


  1. Hi dear... It is really wise decision... Wish u all the best...