Sunday, 8 July 2012

Amirul's birthday celebrations

I took half day leave on Amirul's birthday, rushed back from office and was on time to pick him up from school. His face expression when he saw me outside his school compound, was priceless. We then went to pick up both Faiz and Nuha from the babysitter's place and headed home.

Amirul wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday. After lunch, we made chocolate moist birthday cake together. When my husband was back from office that evening, we celebrated Amirul's birthday.

On Sunday, I made another chocolate cake for Amirul's birthday party. This time around, I made my chocolate signature cake with oreos cream filling and chocolate ganache as frosting, on Amirul's request. Amirul wanted me to write "Happy Birthday" on the cake, so I whipped a simple buttercream for decorations. He loved it, although the decorations doesn't turned up well.

Happy birthday Amirul sayang. We all love you very very much!!

* Amirul wanted a pet fish for his birthday present. Nanti kita beli ye sayang.

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  1. amirul dah besar. sob sob:( Love you amirul sayang. Happy Birthday.