Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review - kelas kek hantaran at My Sugar Class

I attended another class last weekend and this time it was a cake decorating class. I love love love this class and am happy to report that I can now make beautiful buttercream roses :-) 

with my lovely classmates
Although this was the second class that I've attended this year, this was in fact the first class that I've registered. I've waited for more than one month to attend this class.

The class was fully hands-on. Each students get to decorate their own cake.

At the beginning of the class, we each received a 7" sponge cake to decorate. We then started to ice the cake, then we proceeded to make lovely roses.

I've always admired Rani's roses as they looked pretty amazing, can't believe my luck to be able to learn it from her firsthand.

I also make new friends along the way. I had lovely time getting to know my desk partner, Roza.

Here are some of the pictures taken:

the first few roses that I've made during the class

my cake - lovely buttercream roses

our cakes, mine being the nearest to the camera

roses, up close

Will need to practice more after this (that reminds me of the class that I've attended last month, belum sempat nak praktis lagi).. 

*Note: Although the roses looks lovely, I don't actually like the buttercream used for the topping and also the roses. Will have to look for a different recipe maybe to make these lovely roses.

And since birthday Faiz dah dekat, we had Faiz's birthday pre-celebration. Suka sangat dia dapat tiup lilin..

Abang singing birthday song for Faiz, Faiz yang malu malu gitew..

Faiz tiup lilin, Nuha buat muka pelik kat situ..

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  1. hee.. so sweet.. the cake come home in 1 piece... :-)