Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sewing pattern review - double-sided sun hat

I made double-sided sun hat for my daughter. Pattern from the below book - making children's clothes written by Emma Hardy. Bought the book from Kinokuniya KLCC a few months back.

I find the pattern and sewing instructions to be easy to follow. The pattern pieces are printed double sided, as such, will need to first trace the pattern pieces needed before cutting the fabrics.

Made the outer part using a black flowery fabric, and the inner part using a pink fabric. I personally love the end result. I also enjoy seeing her wearing the sun hat.


  1. salam..boleh tau x brape rm eyh u bli?dkt kinokuniya kan?

  2. Salam. I bought it for about rm70+, from kinokuniya klcc.

    You can also browse for other books from their website