Sunday, 25 March 2012

Perfect vanilla cupcakes

I made these cupcakes last Monday for Faiz to bring to school, to celebrate his birthday with his friends. Recipe taken from here. The cupcakes does rise beautifully every time, just like what mentioned in the original blog entry:

I doubled-up the cupcakes recipe and managed to bake 7 x 24 mini cupcakes.

I also follow the frosting suggestion and made the vanilla cream cheese frosting. However, I found the frosting to be too sweet to my liking.

Here were the cupcakes made for Faiz to bring to his school. I originally wanted to frost the cupcakes and draw some design on top of them, but changed my plan as it was too sweet, and had made swirls instead:

I tied ribbons to the gift to be given to his classmates. Hope they love the oil pastel.

As we had a lot of extra cupcakes, I frosted some for my husband and me to bring to office, and Amirul had requested for the un-frosted ones to bring to school.

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