Sunday, 20 May 2012

Especially made for mama

My mum had requested me to make her a clutch to store her wallet and handphone. She choose blue fabrics for the clutch and its lining.

It took me a while to find free time to start sewing the clutch, but once I started sewing, I was able to finish it in just a short while. I made the clutch the same size as my own clutch.

Hope you like it mom!

Picture of mum's new clutch as well as my own


  1. If only I am good at sewing, I would have sewed my life away instead of baking!
    But since I can't, I really have to stick to baking.

    But look at you, you can sew and bake! How wonderful is that!

  2. Thanks Kak Wiz.

    I'm still learning on both the above and hope to be better. Still have a lot more to learn, especially when it comes to cake decorating.

  3. Mak mana yang tak happy kalau hadiah dari anak kesayangan dia. Hehehe... Anyway nice sangat :)