Saturday, 12 May 2012

Snow almond cookies

I made snow almond cookies last weekend. First try as I've never made this cookie before. They are delicious. I will eat one or two everyday after work, really can't resist eating it. I ate quite a number today, since I'm at home.

Amirul and Faiz helped me to make the cookies. They love helping me out in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking cakes and cookies.

Baking the cookies very much reminds me of all those times spent preparing for eid where my mum, me and my siblings will spent hours making raya cookies.

Those days, our oven was different from the one that I have now. Ours was the gas type, where we have to turn on at least half an hour prior to baking so that the temperature will be right. We had to then control the flame to increase or lower the temperature.

My mum will then prepare the cookie dough and we will then get to play with all sorts of cookie cutters. When I grew older, I took over the task from my mum, and my 2 sisters never failed to help.

We don't have that many baking pan as well. So, we end up baking the cookies using cooking pot covers in replace of baking pans.

And since we normally baked during ramadhan, cookies will be the first food that will be tasted during iftar, after whole day of fasting and serious baking.

Missing those enjoyable moments..


  1. rindu gak those moment. i love you angah and nad :)

  2. meh dtg rumah angah buat cookies jom!!