Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Weekend sewing project

My blog posts has been mostly on cakes and bakes. Apart from baking, I also love sewing and crafting. I always love to sew, but had not done so for years. Only in these recent years, after my dear hubby bought me a sewing machine that I started to practice on my sewing skills.

I hope to be able to share my sewing projects with you readers. I will also continue to bake and share more baking projects through this blog.

To start, my 2 boys had asked me to make them a case to keep their color pencils. I made these cases last weekend for my boys:

They had chosen the fabric themselves. The one with circles is especially made for Faiz and the other one is for Amirul.

Both were happy with the color pencil case. They had then requested for a coin purse to keep their coins and notes, which I am yet to make.

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