Monday, 11 July 2011

Cupcakes - practice #1

Remember this chocolate cupcakes? Tried the recipe again, but this time, I made mini cupcakes instead.

I'm actually preparing myself to baking more than 1 thousand cupcakes for my kids' aqiqah ceremony, to be given as door gift.

I found the cupcake pan (hold 24 mini cupcakes) for only RM12.50 at Bake With Yen. It's a real bargain, and the quality of the pan is also really good.

The recipe was originally a cake recipe, and not a cupcake recipe. It tasted so good and (another plus point) really easy to prepare.

However, since this is a cake recipe, the cupcake doesn't stick that well to the cupcake liner. It's good to be eaten the day that it is baked, however, not the next day as most of the cupcakes will most probably detached from its liner the following day.

This is in contrary to the popular belief (or is it just my own belief?) that all cake recipe will work for cupcakes (or is it just this recipe?). Will practice with a cupcake recipe next and see whether it yields the same result.

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