Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cupcakes for aqiqah

Made about approximately 1300 mini cupcakes for the ceremony, and packed it (8 mini cupcakes - 4 choc and 4 vanilla) in each individual pack. 

The most cupcakes I've ever baked so far, thanks to my mum, my hubby and my 2 boys for helping.

I didn't snap any picture though. Tak teringat pun nak snap any picture of the gift packs.


Since the first 2 rounds of cupcakes making doesn't yield perfect result, I tried cupcakes recipe from 'The Whimsical Bakehouse' cookbook. I made both the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes based from the book. Too much efforts required though, as the recipe requires the chocolate to be melted, or the milk to be warmed and things like that. As such, a lot of time required to prepare the batter, and since time is something that I don't really have much, I can't afford to continue doing so. 

After the initial stage of baking the two recipes above, I looked through my cookbooks again and decided on a simpler recipe. I prepared the cake batter based from Dede Wilson's book. I love her recipes as there are all easy to prepare, and doesn't require much preparation. 

I made the 'essential yellow cake' and 'essential chocolate cake' from her book, and the process of making the cupcakes had become much faster and easier from thereon.

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