Friday, 25 December 2009

3 tiered cakes

A few months back, when I first started to decorate my cakes, my sister-in-law had requested me to bake a wedding cake for her sister's wedding. The wedding is scheduled for Dec 09, so at that point of time, I still have plenty of times to decide.

I have not decided actually, until the matter was brought up again when we met at my grandma's house last month. I then agreed to bake the cake.

After a lot of thinking, and since my sister-in-law did not specify the type / flavour of the cake or the design required, but had only informed me of the colour theme, purple, I have decided to make chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, covered with chocolate ganache icing.

So, here's the cakes:

the top tier

the middle tier

the bottom tier


  1. wahh cantiknya. rugi la kin tak dapat 3 tier cake from angah:D~

  2. he he, waktu tu tak start hobi nih lagi :)