Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Handmade hobo bag

I've not done any baking recently, except for the occasional breads and buns for our own consumption, tu pon sebab saya gatal-gatal request bread maker from my dear hubby and he bought me a kenwood breadmaker as per my request. Thank you so much sayang for the breadmaker.
Apart from that, I've also not done any sewing for almost 3 months.. Kesian kat my sewing machine, lama betul terbiar. Baru-baru ni je rasa macam ada mood nak start menjahit balik, lagipun it's about time anyway sebab banyak juga baju/seluar yang dah terkoyak etc. So, aktiviti menjahit dimulakan dengan me-repair baju & seluar yang dah terkoyak.
I've then decided to make myself a new bag, nak bagi datang mood menjahit :)
So, last Saturday was spent sewing my new hobo bag. I used cotton for the exterior and lining, and a thick interfacing as stabilizer. I used a magnetic snap button for the opening of the bag and even included a small pocket inside the bag for small items. I absolutely love the result!!

Suka sangat sebab my current bag is kind of small, tak muat nak letak banyak barang. With this bag, siap ada enough space untuk letak baby wipes and diaper as well as a big container of raisins for Nuha.

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