Monday, 4 January 2010

Chocolate cakes weekend

Apart from the 2 chocolate cakes that I baked last week, I also baked a few more chocolate cakes:
  1. a stacked cake for my anniversary, my sister-in-law's anniversary and my father-in-law's birthday;
  2. a 6 inch chocolate cake for our tea time treat; and 
  3. another 6 inch cake to bring to my office. 
All in all, I actually baked 6 cakes (all chocolate!!) last weekend. I even told my husband that the next cake that I'm gonna bake won't be a chocolate cake (hopefully - my kids loves chocolate cake though).

This was my very first stacked cake - chocolate cake, decorated with white chocolate:

And this was the picture of our 6 inch tea time cake:

I didn't take any picture of the other 6 inch cake that I brought to my office. It's the same chocolate cake, with cookies and cream filling and chocolate ganache icing.

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